Transaction Code For Basis Administration.


SU01 User Maintenance AL11 Display SAP Directories
SU01D User Display BD54 Maintain Logical Systems
SU02 Maintain Authorization Profiles OSS1 Logon to Online Service System
SU03 Maintain Authorizations SALE IMG Application Link Enabling
SU05 Maintain Internet users SARA Archive Management
SU10 User Mass Maintenance SICK Installation Check
SMLG Maintain Logon Group SM14 Update Program Administration
SUPC Profiles for activity groups SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
SUIM Info system Authorizations SM56 Number Range Buffer
PFCG Profile Generator SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log
PFUD User Master Data Reconciliation SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
S002 Easy System Administration Menu SAINT SAP Add-on Installation Tool
ZAUT maintenance. Requesting new users, changing authorisation, etc. SPAM SAP Patch Manager (SPAM)
Client Administration: SPAU Display modified DE objects
  SPDD Display modified DDIC objects
SCC3 Checking Client Copy Log ST11 Display Developer Traces
SCC4 Client Administration  
SCC5 Client Delete Daily monitoring TCodes:
SCC7 Client Import Post-Processing SM04 User List
SCC8 Client Export AL08 Current Active Users
SCCL Local Client Copy SM12 Display and Delete Locks
SCC9 Remote client copy SM13 Display Update Records
  SM21 System Log
Database Administration: SM50 Work Process Overview
  SM51 List of SAP Servers
DB01 Analyze exclusive lock waits SM66 System Wide Work Process Overview
DB02 Analyze tables and indexes ST22 ABAP/4 Runtime Error Analysis
DB12 DB Backup Monitor ST01 System Trace
DB13 DBA Planning Calendar ST02 Setups/Tune Buffers
DB15 Data Archiving: Database Tables ST04 Select DB activities (SQL Server Performance Analysis)
ST04 SQL Server Performance Analysis ST05 Performance trace
DB50 ST06 or ST06N Operating System Monitor
RZ20 ST10 Table call statistics
Transport Management System: ST03 Performance, SAP Statistics, Workload
  SU56 Analyze User Buffer
STMS Transport Management System STAD User transaction Analysis
SE01 Transport and Correction System OS07N
SE06 Set Up Workbench Organizer SM02 System Message
SE07 CTS Status Display Other Monitoring Tcodes:
SE09 Workbench Organizer ( Release Transport )  
SE10 Customizing Organizer OS01 LAN check with ping
SE11 ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance RZ01 Job Scheduling Monitor
SE16 Data Browser RZ03 Presentation, Control SAP Instances
SE80 Repository Browser ST07 Application monitor
SM30 Call View Maintenance STAT Local transaction statistics
SM31 Table Maintenance  
SCC1 Transport Role from one Client to Other Other Useful Transactions Codes
Background Jobs Administration:  
  AL22 Dependent objects display
SM36 Define Background Job BAOV Add-On Version Information
SM37 Background Job Overview SA38 ABAP reporting
SM39 Job Analysis SE38 ABAP Editor
SM49 Execute External OS commands HIER Internal Application Component Hierarchy Maintenance
SM62 Maintain Events ICON Display Icons
SM64 Release of an Event WEDI IDoc and EDI Basis
SM65 Background Processing Analysis Tool WE02 IDoc display
SM69 Maintain External OS Commands WE07 IDoc statistics
  WE20 Partner profiles
Spool Administration: WE21 Port definition
  WE46 IDoc administration
SP01 Output Controller WE47 Status Maintenance
SP11 TemSe directory $TAB Refreshes the table buffers
SP12 TemSe Administration $SYNC Refreshes all buffers, except the program buffer
SPAD Spool Administration

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