How do I remove the lazy? in worship as well?

Our Prophet,  Muhammad is often expressed in his prayer in order to always avoid the lazy nature (al-ma’tsurat), the following tricks can be done in order to minimizea  lazyness  (eg in worship):

1. know, understand and biological well what the virtue of worship which are often lazy to do, ie we are lazy to read the Qur’an. by knowing the virtues of which Al-Quran by reading a letter in the Al-Quran will get one good etc, then after tau, in the understood and internalized, then God willing we will be motivated to do so. so also suppose that we are lazy for obligatory prayers in congregation in mosques, knowing the virtues of prayer in congregation in mosques at prayer munfarid at home, God willing, we will not be lazy anymore to worship.

2. environmental change, when we are close to the people who always reads the Quran every day it will, God willing, we will be ashamed of yourself if you are lazy to read the Quran, and will certainly be motivated to berfastabikul selingkungan khairot with fellow friends. reminded of a proverb, a person will be the same this time with him five years later, except for changes caused by the environment, books and action taken.

3. Force, this was the easiest way is very possible, if we are reluctant to undertake something, worship or muamalah, then fill your  hearts to do so immediately with little to do coercion, sundanese say: Allahumma paksakeun’ effective prayer for start something.

insya Allah, if we carry out these three ways, and may Allah Almighty soon impoverish us from lazy. amiiin (from the Friday sermon in the near kostan)


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